Thursday, May 3, 2012

We've got plants

Our new shelf needed oomph and I needed something to occupy my time with, so we took home these tiny plants.

Here's my personal favorite.

I've never had to tend to plants before, but I think I can manage with these because they're hydrocultured. (Oooh, fancy. Heehee) That just means they don't need soil. They rest on these tiny pellets that contain enough minerals and absorb just enough water to keep them alive. As their human, I only have to water them 2x a week. I think I can manage that.

The smaller ones are P200 a pot. The medium one - the second plant that looks like a bonsai in the photos above - are at P300. We bought these in a stall in SM Megamall. If you'd like to try them out, go here for more information.

Here's an AFTER photo of our shelf, now happily accessorized.

Refreshing, yah.

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