Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aaand, we're off

I'm on my way to meet Pao in Brussels. I've been travelling for 12 hours and have 5 hours more to go. I had mixed feelings about this trip - excited because I'd be visiting Europe for the first time, anxious because I'd have to take leave from work and school for two weeks, and partly guilty because we're not taking Malik with us. I am admittedly suffering from separation anxiety. I'm missing Malik every minute I'm away, but it just had to be done.

Here's why Malik is staying at home with my in-laws. He's too young to remember anything even if he goes, and he's too young to be manageable. I expect us to run after trains and live off stale bread in the next couple of weeks. Running after a toddler with those in mind is just not workable. Meanwhile, it may be a long time until I get this chance again. Pao's work takes him places. My work generally has me tied to a desk.

Anyway, will blog often in the next 14 days. I want this trip to be remembered. Laters. :)

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