Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Duvel is in the details

We are now in Amsterdam, which is an amazeballs place in my opinion, but first we'll walk through Day 1. We went to Antwerpen - about an hour's drive from Brussels. On the bus, I had to redefine my idea of a 'packed lunch' -

Four cold sandwiches (a couple with smoked salmon), an apple, fruit juice and dark chocolate. I would take adobo with rice in a styro any day, but packed lunches like this are nice to have on occassion.

Went on a cruise along the port of Antwerp. Parang Manila Bay cruise lang ang peg (not a very scenic route) except we get to wear scarves -

- and drink Belgian beer -

- lots of them -

- in fancy glasses.

Did you know that Belgium has 275++ kinds/brands of beer? One brand, called Duvel, has 14.5% alcohol but is light-tasting and is barely bitter. I especially liked De Koninck which is a dark beer brewed in Antwerp. That's the amber bottle with a red label in the picture there.

And by the way, I did not get carded. I was worried they'd ask for my identification before serving me my medication because I look, ahem, younger than my age. But in Belgium, the legal drinking age is 16!

Went on a tourist-y tour of Antwerp but I couldn't take better iPad photos because it was crazy raining.

Good thing I brought this trusty umbrella from Human.

And then we had dinner at this restaurant along the bank of the port, with an amazing view of the sunset (or the lack of it. This photo was taken at 9:30 p.m. and the sun was still up. Huwat.)

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  1. duvel is my favorite among the 30ish types Ive tasted so far (my bestfriend is married to a belgian, yipee).May duvel sa edsa shang!

  2. I was wondering where I could get that in Manila. EDSA shang it is! Yey. (Oi, ha. I noticed the shoes. Ayan na ba ang pang-blog natin?)


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