Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Malik is 2 years old and some months in June. Most of our friends with children the same age have started enrolling their kids in classes. After much deliberation, we've decided not to send Malik to school yet.

Our decision is based, in part, on the ridiculous amounts that pre-schools charge for tuition. I began scouting for schools in late March and could not believe how much schooling costs. Anyway, the K12 scheme requires just 1 year of kindergarten but an additional 2 years of high school. Malik will have plenty of time to study...later.

Meantime, we signed Malik up for play and learn classes in Gymboree. We went to a trial class when Malik was a little over a year old and it looked interesting. Malik did not enjoy it though. He asked to be carried all the time -

- and when he was willing to go down, he'd just sit by himself. Here's Malik refusing to participate in the activities. Elitista lang ang peg.

We're hoping he was just too young then, so we're giving it another go in July. I'm excited for Malik. I hope he meets new friends.

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  1. 6 years old na ako nagsimula mag-aral.normal naman ako.go lang sa mga play school.good luck, malik! wag manuntok ng playmate.

  2. Golda, normal? Sigurado ba tayo diyan? :D


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