Thursday, June 7, 2012

Touch down, Brussels

I am finally heeeeere, after 19 slow hours. Yey. The fact that I'm in a different continent started sinking in when I had
sausages for breakfast. Can you bilibit? Lamb. Not mystery meat vienna sausage. Lamb! There's also only one other Asian in the plane with me. Everyone else was speaking unfamiliar language involving occasional use of the word "les" and something that sounds like "chakra". Hmmm.

I was shy to take pictures of the airport even though I have a feeling this is the first and last time that I'd ever be here. People may think I'm too tourist-y. But on the way to the hotel, I figured, I
a tourist. So let's just let me take silly pictures of my luggage on the bus -

- or this side of [one of the buildings of] the European Commission (while still carrying my backpack and bags from the airport) -

- and no one gets hurt.

I called Malik as soon as I got in, but he was busy.

I'll just get my bearings straight and try again later. Zzzz....

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  1. the way you say lamb sausages is soooooooo good it made me hungry.

    seriously, go play tourist. it's fun. and make us jealous pls.

  2. awww, denise. nagbabasa ka pala nitong kalokohan ko? :) How's Yllac?


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