Friday, July 13, 2012

Since the last post

Hello, world! Sorry if it's been quiet in the blog. Life got in the way. Naks. No, since the last post, we've taken Malik on a trip to the most magical place on earth. In the not so near future, I hope to share photos of that and the two other places that we visited on our trip to Europe, including Paris! But more importantly, since the last post --- WE GOT PREGNANT! Woohoo! I have too many exclamation points!!!!

Malik: Kuya extraordinaire.
I'm very excited about the new baby and also understandably scared. Parenting is a huge responsibility. I am scared of losing sleep again and being exhausted all the time when the baby gets here. Plus there's the small matter of the things that I'd have to give up for the next nine months. Coffee (gad). Beer (gad). Running (this one I won't miss so much Haha). 

While we are still sorting out what we plan to do next, I hope you hang in there. I commit to write as much about this pregnancy as I did with Malik but maybe I'll post those in my hibernating pregnancy blog. See you all around!

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  1. congratulations! very exciting! made in paris ba? shall we call the baby paris? (ngek.) (it's, um, gender neutral name naman, yah?) haha. take it easy! God provides. :D


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