Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Bakit List

This pregnancy is different from my first. I eat more. My belly's more prominent now than it was when I was at this stage of my pregnancy with Malik. I have odd food cravings that I unfortunately have to satisfy at the oddest hours. (As I write this, I am thinking of dipping V-Cut in berry yogurt. Yum.)

Most days, I just want to curl inside a blanket and sleep. The bed-weather makes staying awake in the morning super difficult. I am showing signs of forgetfulness and whatever is the opposite of quick-thinking - things that I didn't experience with Malik until I was far along in my pregnancy.

Meanwhile, we've been successfully training Kuya to use the potty. He still has to use his nappies at night and pull-ups when we're out of the house. But mostly, we've saved a lot of money on diapers in the last few weeks.

He's also learned to ask "Bakit?" (Why?). A lot. Bakit go home. Bakit sleep. Bakit go to the hospital. I'm surprised I don't get annoyed by this new habit, even though I know he's usually asking just for the sake of. I'm actually amused. And I am happy I get to exercise conciseness and creativity in answering his questions.

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