Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

We took the grill that Pao gave me for my birthday for a spin over the weekend.

We actually made chicken and cheese sandwiches when I first got it, but those were made of leftover chicken pastel and white bread. Yesterday, we grilled the chicken ourselves and used herbed foccacia. I must say, those were good sandwiches. Yum-uhm.

Here's our assembly line. Pao put green bell pepper and onions in his sandwich. I preferred just chicken and cheese but ended up putting in raw bell pepper because Pao's sandwich tasted better.

What you do is just marinade chicken breast fillets for 30 mins. in olive oil, chopped garlic (1 clove), salt, pepper and lime (put in some lime zest). We used one lime for about 1/2 a kilo of chicken. I'd use 2 limes next time. And maybe put in some thyme.

We also discovered that the chicken shouldn't be kept in the grill too long. 5 mins. should be okay or just until the chicken's slightly browned and cooked through. Keep them in for longer than that and they would be inedible. Next up, grilled steak.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Spider Ben 10

Malik's all set for halloween. Two years ago, he went as a ventriloquist dummy. I forget what he was last year or if he even went to a halloween party at all. Anyway this year, we were too busy (and tired) to think of a more creative costume so we got Malik a Spiderman suit from the department store and just kept our fingers crossed that no other Spiderman will be in the party with him.

Turns out, only Malik turned up as Spiderman. But for good measure, we made him bring his Superman cape and Ben10 Omnitrix so he can be "Super Spider Ben 10". Very original.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Wear Fish

We usually leave home for work before Malik wakes up in the morning. That isn't so we can sneak out of the house while he's asleep. It's just that we like playing with him at night, so he sleeps late. Sleeping late leads to waking up late. There you go.

Sometimes, Malik will wake up while I'm dressing up. He'll notice I'm wearing work clothes and will tell me to "wear pambahay". But before Malik even knew what houseclothes were called, he was hysterically shouting "wear fish lang mama". I had no idea what he was talking about until I realized what the drawing in front of my favorite house t-shirt was -

Fish lang.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I barely remember playing dress up as a kid. I did wear bed sheets in my cousins' house while pretending I was a princess, but that's about that. When Malik turned 2.5, he began making up sketches for his cars.He has make-up English words that nobody understands, but it was clear that he was playing a story for his toys in his head.

Lately, Malik likes pretending he's a superhero.

We got the cape and the water bottle from Ax's and Teo's birthday party.

They transform Malik into Superman. The water bottle has "special water" with super special powers.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy on a birthday

It looks like Malik is finally over his not-so-happy-birthday phase. He used to cry when he hears the happy birthday song. For what reason, we don't know. But lately, Malik's been humming the song to himself along with "You might think" by Weezer (from Cars 2) and "Ironman" by Black Sabbath (from well, the Ironman movie).

Last Saturday, Malik attended cousins Ax's and Teo's 7th and 2nd birthdays. We arrived late because I had to take an exam at school. Since Malik had been playing the entire day with Ate Mae, he was already expectedly tired when we got to the party. But that didn't stop him from dancing Gangnam style with these kids. I think they're from the reality show PBB Teens because people were asking to have their photos taken with them. Nakisali na din kami. Hehe

Here's Malik closing his eyes and making a wish when it came time to blow the candle on the cake.

I hope Malik will be in an equally good mood when we celebrate his 3rd birthday in a few weeks. We don't have anything planned yet. Maybe we'll spend it at the beach or just at home with a good Ben 10/Lightning McQueen/Transformers/Avengers/Spiderman cake.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Malik's been going to Gymboree for the last two months. We bought a coupon from one of the discount sites that included fees for 10 classes, 10 gym play coupons (of one hour each), annual membership and some freebies all for PhP5,000. Sulit. Malik has attended these classes -

Play and Learn classes are structured play classes.
They usually start with the teacher animatedly reading a story off a book...
...and then activities for the day are built around a theme.
This day's theme was cooking. Here is Malik making "pizza."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I want to swim

We had to find a swimming pool for me to be able to carry Malik again.

I haven't been carrying him since we learned I was pregnant with baby no. 2. Not that I'm able to. He's heavy! But buoyancy certainly has its benefits.

These were taken at the pool of The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel, by the way. Like I said, there's plenty of room to move around here. The water is also at a comfortable level throughout (I'd say about 5' deep) so it's really ideal for families who go to the pool to wade and play. There's also an area near the pool where kids can spend some downtime.

These lounge chairs in a shaded area of the pool are all sorts of coolness.

The only downsides are that people from the surrounding offices will likely see you in your swimsuit, at least when you're swimming on a weekday like us. (That's our view of the Antel building, I think)

And it can get windy and cold since the pool is located in the rooftop. We swam early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and it was windy both times. Anyway, Malik didn't seem to mind.

What he did mind was when we had to leave the hotel. He said he wants to live there. If we win the Lotto, sure.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Heavyweight Champion of the World

We are 20 weeks and some days pregnant this week.

My Pong Pagong cheeks are back.

In the last month alone, I gained a whopping 6 lbs. So far, I've gained 10 lbs. in this pregnancy. I'm a little worried, because the new baby would have to be smaller than Malik was at birth for me to deliver normally. *fingers crossed*

I'm also afraid I won't be able to lose the pregnancy weight this time around. It was relatively easy the first time. All I had to do was nurse for 4 months and sleep less than 4 hrs. a day for another next six months. Waaaahhh.

They say it's harder to lose the pounds with a 2nd baby, and harder still should you decide to bear a 3rd or a 4th. I've sadly been eating everything within reach. I have no plans of slowing down because I know how hard it will become once the baby gets here. I think of it as getting my reward in advance. So stay tuned and you may just watch me inflate before your very eyes.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MMA Everyday

Yesterday, we went to get a Congenital Anomaly Scan for the baby who was 20 weeks and 2 days old. I incidentally asked if we could know the baby's gender already, to which the sonologist replied "If it's a boy, you'll know by 5 months (translation: now) but if it's a girl, we'd have to wait until about the 7th month." She said it also depends on how the baby is positioned in my uterus. So I really wasn't expecting to know whether Malik will have a baby brother or sister. I was willing to wait.

But the moment the doctor put the thinga-ma-wand on my belly, she blurted "It's a boy."

Ganon? Wala man lang foreword? I wasn't prepared for the news. I was of course delighted to hear it but a heads up would have been more appropriate, right? Anyway, he's perfect. The CAS results turned out great. Thank goodness.

I can only imagine how chaotic it will be in the house when the new baby gets here. I repeat. I just don't get how baby boys play. They like to rumble and tumble, and wrestle people to the ground. These days, I need to stay alert because Malik can jump out of nowhere and land on my tummy. It's scary.

Meanwhile, Malik's watching Madagascar 3 as I write this.

Poor Kuya. He has no idea that these rare solitary moments are numbered. Dandan-dan-dan.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mabuhay Germany

We went on an overnight vacation barely 15 minutes away from home but at some point it felt like we travelled to another country. After taking a dip in the pool late afternoon, the boys and I went to the Mabuhay Germany event in Fort, Bonifacio.

The activity is organized by the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We go every year (at least I remember going last year) even though I remain clueless as to what the event is all about. From what is usually there, I would guess it's meant to showcase German businesses in the country. There are booths from well-known firms like Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz and the Goethe Institut. But the more interesting ones are the smaller enterprises, like This deli called Wursty Wursty -

- where we bought the night's dinner of sausages and fries.

If you can drink, i.e. not pregnant, not alcoholic, not a minor, Mabuhay Germany is a goldmine. There you can buy all sorts of German beers, from the more popular Oettinger to other brands whose names I can neither remember nor pronounce. Plus you can drink said beers in the company of actual Germans. :P

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday staycation

We're staying at The Exchange Regency for my birthday this year because as much as I would like to go to the beach, I still like to be realistic.

My growing belly sometimes can't even take the drive from work to UP. Plus while we were walking tonight, I felt the need to sit down every five minutes because my back was starting to hurt. All comes with the territory, I guess. We're 19 weeks along. Yey.

I'm enjoying my day so far, even though the hotel room is smaller than I expected.

The "bath" is modest too (I'm putting "bath" in quotation marks because there isn't really a tub here, just a shower, which is a shame because Malik was looking forward to "swimming".)

We like the pool, though. This hotel's pool is bigger than the last one we stayed at in the city. They also have a kiddie pool, where Malik could easily stand up on his own. I'm taking pictures of that tomorrow. Pizza's here. Goodnight!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

School's cool

Bought activity books for Malik yesterday so we can teach him how to properly hold a crayon.

He knows his colors, shapes, letters and numbers. He even occassionally reads words in the mall and on street signs. But we're having trouble with the writing. I guess this has something to do with Malik spending a lot of time on the iPad. Hmmm.

Malik's turning three next month and already I'm stressing over his big school exams (he'll take those next year). We haven't even found a pre-school for him yet but are scouting for one. We should let him start school. He's always saying "Go to school ako," which makes me wonder how long he can be this enthusiastic. I studied for 19 years, am still at it, and look where all that got me. Wala lang. Nyiiii.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here we go again

It's been 2 months and 1 week since my last post. I haven't been counting, well, until recently. I planned on just letting this blog die a natural death because I couldn't fit what I was doing into the 24 hours that we have in a day. But I was looking at some photos of Malik on my desk -

Taken a year ago (October 2011) in Boracay

- and realized, "Well I took those because I just had to blog." It would be a disservice to my family, the new baby and Malik if I stop this madness. I especially expect Malik to spend many embarrassing hours when he's in high school, explaining what I wrote about him here. Like this picture I took this morning when we were about to leave for work -

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