Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday staycation

We're staying at The Exchange Regency for my birthday this year because as much as I would like to go to the beach, I still like to be realistic.

My growing belly sometimes can't even take the drive from work to UP. Plus while we were walking tonight, I felt the need to sit down every five minutes because my back was starting to hurt. All comes with the territory, I guess. We're 19 weeks along. Yey.

I'm enjoying my day so far, even though the hotel room is smaller than I expected.

The "bath" is modest too (I'm putting "bath" in quotation marks because there isn't really a tub here, just a shower, which is a shame because Malik was looking forward to "swimming".)

We like the pool, though. This hotel's pool is bigger than the last one we stayed at in the city. They also have a kiddie pool, where Malik could easily stand up on his own. I'm taking pictures of that tomorrow. Pizza's here. Goodnight!

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