Thursday, October 25, 2012


Malik's been going to Gymboree for the last two months. We bought a coupon from one of the discount sites that included fees for 10 classes, 10 gym play coupons (of one hour each), annual membership and some freebies all for PhP5,000. Sulit. Malik has attended these classes -

Play and Learn classes are structured play classes.
They usually start with the teacher animatedly reading a story off a book...
...and then activities for the day are built around a theme.
This day's theme was cooking. Here is Malik making "pizza."

Gymbo (he's the clown right there) gets tired sometimes and has to take a nap.
This day's theme was firefighting. 
Here is Malik cleaning their "fire station." Ladi-da.
Music Class. I don't know what happens here. I'm the one taking the picture. Hehe
Art Class
Their paint is foamy. Cool.
Malik with his work of art. I didn't notice at first, but my father-in-law
very astutely pointed out that Malik's drawing looks like a group of
parrots perched on a branch. Interesting. Can you see?
There's a class called Learning Lab that I really like. I think we made Malik attend those classes more than any of the other classes. In Learning Lab, kids learn school skills. The day's activities will be built around a letter, say the letter "A", and then the kids will be taught to write it through fun activities. On "A" day,  Malik brought home an "Alligator" complete with wobbly eyes. Fun!

After class, Malik spends some time in Gymboree's play area. It's a very safe and nurturing environment. Malik has no idea he's learning while he's playing.

Malik goes to Gymboree Magnolia, which is nearest our place and is very convenient. The teachers are enthusiastic and "crush-worthy" (Malik has a crush on his teacher, Cali. Hee).

Teacher Cali (I have no idea why this photo won't rotate. Ugh.)
Teacher Pearl  

If it weren't for the harang tuition, I would have wanted to let Malik go to pre-school there. But since funds are limited and I'm sure there are plenty of other pre-schools where Malik could get good education, we're taking him elsewhere.

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