Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I want to swim

We had to find a swimming pool for me to be able to carry Malik again.

I haven't been carrying him since we learned I was pregnant with baby no. 2. Not that I'm able to. He's heavy! But buoyancy certainly has its benefits.

These were taken at the pool of The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel, by the way. Like I said, there's plenty of room to move around here. The water is also at a comfortable level throughout (I'd say about 5' deep) so it's really ideal for families who go to the pool to wade and play. There's also an area near the pool where kids can spend some downtime.

These lounge chairs in a shaded area of the pool are all sorts of coolness.

The only downsides are that people from the surrounding offices will likely see you in your swimsuit, at least when you're swimming on a weekday like us. (That's our view of the Antel building, I think)

And it can get windy and cold since the pool is located in the rooftop. We swam early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and it was windy both times. Anyway, Malik didn't seem to mind.

What he did mind was when we had to leave the hotel. He said he wants to live there. If we win the Lotto, sure.

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