Monday, October 15, 2012

Mabuhay Germany

We went on an overnight vacation barely 15 minutes away from home but at some point it felt like we travelled to another country. After taking a dip in the pool late afternoon, the boys and I went to the Mabuhay Germany event in Fort, Bonifacio.

The activity is organized by the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We go every year (at least I remember going last year) even though I remain clueless as to what the event is all about. From what is usually there, I would guess it's meant to showcase German businesses in the country. There are booths from well-known firms like Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz and the Goethe Institut. But the more interesting ones are the smaller enterprises, like This deli called Wursty Wursty -

- where we bought the night's dinner of sausages and fries.

If you can drink, i.e. not pregnant, not alcoholic, not a minor, Mabuhay Germany is a goldmine. There you can buy all sorts of German beers, from the more popular Oettinger to other brands whose names I can neither remember nor pronounce. Plus you can drink said beers in the company of actual Germans. :P

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