Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MMA Everyday

Yesterday, we went to get a Congenital Anomaly Scan for the baby who was 20 weeks and 2 days old. I incidentally asked if we could know the baby's gender already, to which the sonologist replied "If it's a boy, you'll know by 5 months (translation: now) but if it's a girl, we'd have to wait until about the 7th month." She said it also depends on how the baby is positioned in my uterus. So I really wasn't expecting to know whether Malik will have a baby brother or sister. I was willing to wait.

But the moment the doctor put the thinga-ma-wand on my belly, she blurted "It's a boy."

Ganon? Wala man lang foreword? I wasn't prepared for the news. I was of course delighted to hear it but a heads up would have been more appropriate, right? Anyway, he's perfect. The CAS results turned out great. Thank goodness.

I can only imagine how chaotic it will be in the house when the new baby gets here. I repeat. I just don't get how baby boys play. They like to rumble and tumble, and wrestle people to the ground. These days, I need to stay alert because Malik can jump out of nowhere and land on my tummy. It's scary.

Meanwhile, Malik's watching Madagascar 3 as I write this.

Poor Kuya. He has no idea that these rare solitary moments are numbered. Dandan-dan-dan.

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