Friday, November 23, 2012

High and mighty

Two years later, the bed's back in our room. I've been asking Pao to put the bed back since we grew 5-months pregnant - at which point my belly's gotten too big for me to have to rise up from the floor everyday. Pao hasn't been able to get to it because of work. Thankfully, my in-laws dropped by one weekday last week and decided to do it themselves. Yey.

I attempted to fix the bed before taking the photo so our room will look all  "Real  Living"
but Malik was quick to dismantle what I "styled." Oh well. 

This arrangement's been working out great for us so far. Malik's old enough to not fall off. And even though our bed's a modest queen-sized one, all three of us have been sleeping comfortably at night.

I'm still not sure how this will work out when the baby gets here. Malik or Pao or some other person other than the woman who had just given birth (me!heehee) would have to move out of the bed and/or the room. We'll see.

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