Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Our first born, Pipo, turned 9 years old on Friday. That's 63 years in human speak. He's officially a senior citizen.

We got caught up in a Halloween frenzy (plus colds, cough, fever and dengue in the house) that we forgot all about his birthday until the weekend came along. We bought him cake as soon as we remembered.

Sorry, Pao. This was the only photo with Malik and Pipo looking in the (almost) right direction.
It will have to do.

Of course Pipo had none of the cake because chocolate is bad for dogs and this cake has liquor. Toink.

But I prayed that night that Pipo will be with us longer so he can meet and play with Baby No. 2. Happy birthday, love.

Pipo: "Huh? What did I do?"

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