Sunday, November 25, 2012

Multiply to Blogger

Spent a lot of time last week downloading old media from Multiply and exporting Multiply posts to this blog. If you had/have a Multiply account and would like to keep your files, I suggest you start working on that now. Multiply's letting go of their social networking and content sharing features, and will just be focusing on their e-commerce business beginning December 1. Yes, the decision is crappy but we all have to deal with it don't we?

The exporting part was pretty easy. All I had to do was to download an .xml file and upload it to this blog. So as you can see in my side bar, posts from as long ago as 2007 are in this blog now. I wish they had that feature when I decided to transfer my pregnancy posts here. A year ago, I had to manually cut, paste and post blogs from Multiply to Blogger. Ugh.

Downloading media was the troublesome part. Multiply wants us to believe that  it'll be as easy as installing a downloading tool depending on your browser and then waiting for all the files to download. But for some reason,  my downloading tool missed some pictures (I used Download Master for Google Chrome) so I had to right click-save as all my pictures one by one. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm done with this errand. All my pictures are safe in this laptop now (I think). I'm sharing some of them here. Read after the jump if you care to see. :)

My first time in Hong Kong
My nephew, Gabby as a brand new person.
In our first apartment as newlyweds in Pasig, with my parents paying  Pipo - the resident evil - a visit.
In Japan, with my former office mates
In my room at my parents' house in San Juan with my first son, Pipo

(This post will be continued. I was just informed that I ran out of space for pictures in this blog and would have to pay a monthly fee if I ever want to blog again. Will deal with this later. Today is Malik's birthday. Yey.)

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