Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where to get your travel insurance policy

I used to blog about fashion, showbusiness, politics, current events and things that I thought might interest other people in the hopes of eventually making me famous. But as my two readers may have noticed by now, I've recently been writing only about our daily lives. I've decided I'm keeping this blog to make memories and document them. Whether they interest other people is secondary now. I just want to have notes ready for when Malik asks when he first rode an air plane or spent a night in a hotel.

Sometimes though, I come across things that I find helfpul. My recent experience with a travel insurance company is one such thing.

I just thought I'd help them get new business for being efficient. In a nutshell, as required by the Belgian embassy, I took out a travel insurance policy with Ace Insurance for our trip to Europe.

I'm sure most of us have had to take out a travel insurance policy but just haven't had the patience to read through them. I read fine print for a job, so taking the time to file a claim for a 4-inch hole in my luggage did not require much of an effort. I discovered the hole when we arrived in NAIA.

All I had to do was download the claim form from the insurer's website and answer a couple of emails from Ace on where I bought the luggage and for how much. I wasn't able to keep the receipt but I keep track of our expenses like a crazy cat lady so I had the exact figure ready in a file. I scanned the form and asked Pao to fax it for me, with copies of my boarding pass, plane tickets and photos of my luggage. About a month later, I get a check in settlement of my claim -

I'm amazed. I'm so used to insurers denying claims that this comes as a surprise.

I didn't even have to go their office to pick up my check, which would really be such a drag. They were nice enough to send it to me by mail. Yey.

So if you need travel insurance, why dontcha check Ace out? This isn't a sponsored post ha. I just believe that good businesses deserve loyal customers. That is all.

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  1. Personally, I've got my travel insurance from here:, because their policies satisfies my needs. I know that if something happens abroad they pay anything that I will need.
    However, it is known that in order to travel safe, we should pay an insignificant monthly fee and this way, we can enjoy our holidays!


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