Friday, December 27, 2013

Bigger is better

While we were at my in-laws' admiring their relatively big Christmas tree, Malik said he wanted a big Christmas tree too so he could put more Christmas presents under it. We said we can't get a big Christmas tree because we live in a small house. Malik's solution is to buy a big house. He said, "Mama let's buy a big house, with a big tree, with many many presents!". The tree and the presents are easy to come by. The house will have to wait a while :). Merry Christmas everyone!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

One day in a year

For one day in a year, I get to take the loves of my life to work. I wrote about Malik's trip to my office last year, here. This year, there's two of them to bring, which means there's twice the fun (and chaos)!

What are you doing Malik? Don't you pull an April Boy on me.

It escaped me that Malik wore this same shirt when he first visited me at the office. My co-worker noticed and I looked it up on the blog to double-check. Whatdya'know, this shirt is patently recycled!

Mommy's going to get you new clothes this week, honey.
Promise. :p

Izik and I just hung around the sidelines, while Malik joined the games.

Malik got grumpy because he got eliminated early in the "the boat is sinking game." So I got all competitive and helped him win the "bring me game". We won this torotot and he was all-smiles after. Silly kid.

Bee-dah. Bee-dah.

Meanwhile, Izik was just happy waving around this balloon on a stick.

Malik can't compete with the other kids when it came to singing Psy songs or whatever it is that's playing on MTV now. But he did sing Hey Jude and some songs from the Frozen soundtrack (more on this later).

What are you doing Malik? Don't you go all ninja on me.

Remember Bea - Malik's girlfriend from three years ago? Bea's a little older than Malik but that's no cause for concern because her parents just welcomed this darling little princess to their family. Hello there, Bella.

She's pre-qualified. Heehee

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Monday, December 23, 2013

ProP 9.2 - Sleeping with my eyes open

Proud Parent Update - Izik can sleep with his eyes partly open.

I swear, he's sleeping here.
This skill will come in handy in the future. We actually know someone who's able to sleep while seated and with her eyes open. She is now a doctor. Hehe

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One for you, one for me

There is a story behind this toy.

Malik's on Christmas vacation. We've been going on movie dates with him because well, movies are part of his life. After watching Thor, we passed by the toy store to buy him a toy. He picked out a Spiderman arm thing-y. On our way to the counter, he exclaimed (a light-bulb moment, really) "We should buy Izik a toy too!". So we got Buchokoy this -

Your kuya loves you, darling. Don't you forget it.

The Brothers Zamora. 

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Bunny Baker (A Review)

I didn’t want to blog about my experience with the maker of Malik’s Despicable Me cake, because I didn’t think they were worth the energy. But after some thought and consideration, I realized a review would be helpful not only to potential customers but also to the bakers – so they know how to improve service and such. Here goes. This will be lengthy.

Monday, December 16, 2013

ProP 9.1 - Walk, walk, walk

Proud Parent Update - Izik likes to walk. This doesn't mean he knows how to already, but he's practicing.

Look at him so happy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Test. Mic test 1,2,3.

I've been pestering Pao to go on a vacation. It's been a looong time since I last boarded a plane for a non-work related trip. I've especially been lusting to go to the beach. I know Malik will enjoy the sand and the surf too. But when summer came this year, Izik was still too small to take anywhere. I feared we'll forget his things or to bring enough cloth diapers.

We needed a test run, which we were only able to do one month ago (this post is that delayed) while Pao was on a conference at the Manila Hotel. While Pao worked, the pogiboys and I enjoyed his room for 3 days.

It was of course not as relaxing as an actual vacation. I ran around like a headless chicken the entire time, preparing clothes and toys, and looking for things that Malik has surreptitiously placed under the bed. But at least I now know that sleeping elsewhere is possible, but only if my mom or in-laws are there to help. Otherwise, nevermind. My "vacation" would be all work!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

ProP 9.0 - Mom-ma

Proud Parent Update - May bagong salita na si baby! Izik can say "Mama"! Yey.

We haven't done any decorating for the holidays yet. I'm just too lazy. The good news is that the parol that was installed last year is still outside our window. We make the "effort" of turning it on at night. Izik is amused.

Late last month, we began introducing Izik to the Filipino food staple - rice! He sat on a high chair for the first time at the Manila Hotel (more on this soon) and for the 2nd time in this kapampangan restaurant -

"I'm too sexy for this chair."
On the nursing front, he's only beginning to learn how to hold his own milk bottle at 9 months. I seldom pump milk at work anymore (huhu) although Izik still nurses from me when I get home. He's had to drink formula from a bottle while I'm gone.

Piece o' cake
These are it, more or less. Hello there my buchokoy.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mommy's little elf

Made this penguin to give to Carina on her birthday. I like that he's pudgy.

This rabbit was a wala-lang gift for Pao. He's more difficult to make because I used thin cotton thread and my smallest Susan Bates hook.

Malik tried to adopt him but Pao won't budge.

I have been making a few owls the last three weeks or so. They're a work in progress. I still have to embroider eyes and beaks and put tufts on their heads.

I hope to take a photo of all of them together when they're done before I send them to their owners.Through all these, I've been getting help from my little elf.

"You mean I get to tear this apart? And you won't get mad? Cool."

He's on fiber fill duty. Do not disturb.

"I got this mom. Hi-ya!"

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Malik's 4th Despicable Me Birthday Party

We had a small celebration in school for Malik's 4th birthday. I've been preparing for Malik's party for about a month. In contrast to actual parties with hundreds of people in attendance, this one's a breeze to plan.

I'm especially proud of the minion food! Or at least the containers where we placed the food. Heehee

The first containers are compostable chicken boxes from our friendly neighborhood supermarket. The printable water bottle labels, invitations and cupcake toppers are free from here (Thank you, from the 3rd world!).

Malik's cake was the highlight of his special day. It is pretty awesome isn't it?

I wish I could tell you where we got the cake, but I wouldn't want to contribute to their business. They're my least favorite part in this year's party planning and are not exactly a pleasure to do business with. :\

Anyway, happy birthday love! You will always be our favorite kuya.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

ProP 8.1 - The sound of one hand clapping

Proud Parent Update - Quickly, before Izik turns 9 months old next week, we need to do a quick round-up of the things that he's been up to lately. There aren't too many new habits going on actually. He still likes to practice standing up on his own -

Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh a silly hat

I made a few hats since the smashing success of Izik's monkey hat. I made a Mike Wazowski hat for Malik -

This was the point where Malik watched Monsters University day and night. He crouched at the foot of our bed and screamed at the top of his lungs to supposedly scare us. Rawrrr.

We pretended to be scared, of course, because that's what the kids did in Monsters, Inc. He wore a baseball cap on top of this Mike Wazowski hat and carried bags in our room. His inspiration? This -

And then I found a hat pattern that used dcs instead of hdcs. It worked up easier. I first asked Malik if he wanted to be an evil minion or a regular minion because really, Izik has no clue what's going on. Malik said he wanted to be an evil minion so I made Izik's hat first (it's easier to make) -

When I posted a photo of this on Facebook, a few of my friends asked if I could make similar hats for their kids. I can but it will take a while. Now I have a few of these lined up for Christmas.

Malik's evil minion hat was last in my hat list (for the time-being). The hat itself didn't take long to make.

But the minion hair was a pain to tie and unravel.

I am getting so much mileage out of the minion hats. I especially like it when Malik wears his evil minion hat and chases whoever is carrying Izik around the house. The sound of the boys' laughter when they play is well-worth the hours that I spend fiddling with my yarns. These are just priceless.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ProP 8.0 - Get up, stand up

Proud Parent Update - I wish I could carry Izik around in my pocket all day. He's the cutest! (This coming from his mother. Ha!) He has hair running down the sides of his head that curl at the tip. So cute.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monchichi Boy

I'm having a fantastic time crocheting things for the boys. I can't say I'd enjoy crocheting for a living. But I very much enjoy doing it on weekends and at night after Izik's gone to bed. Here's another of my crochet projects, a monkey hat following this pattern for our very own monkey boy -

This took a while for me to finish. Prior to doing it, I only had practice working in spirals because that's what you did with amigurumi. This one required working in joined rounds. Since I haven't perfected that yet, you'll see the part at the back of the hat where I joined. Oh well. My monkey is clueless as to his hat's many imperfections.

I also had to unravel so many times before getting the size right. Here's my 2nd attempt. Too small. Sigh.

I didn't think counting my stitches was important. It's important! Here's a photo of my hat in progress (the one where I counted) -

A friend pointed out that Monkey Boy looks like Monchichi here -

I quickly Googled who this Monchichi is, and it turns out, he's right! Down to the part where my monkey sucks his thumb.

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