Thursday, February 28, 2013

The iZik

Hello world, meet the newest addition to our family, Izik (pronounced 'Ay-Zeek' but spelled like the iPod Wekwekwek)

We're getting ready to go home after spending three days in the hospital. We're still sleep-deprived but not as much as we were with Malik. I guess we know better now.

We also have the advantage of having bought an iPad two years ago, which means I can now post updates about Izik real-time.

Okay, gotta go. A nice warm shower and a big warm hug from Malik are waiting for this 2nd time new mom at home. We'll see you.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peek-a-boo, I see you

Another thing that had to be done before the baby arrives was to get his 3D ultrasound pictures and 4D (ultrasound video) taken. We didn't get much use of Malik's ultrasound video 3 years ago, so we thought of just getting pictures taken this time. But again, that wouldn't be fair. :p

At least we found a cheaper alternative to In My Womb. I forget how much we paid then, but it was definitely more than the P3,300 that we paid for the Gold Package at the Face 2 Face Baby Ultrasound Company, The Block, SM North. P3,300 will get you a 30 min. ultrasound session, 6 prints, a 10 min. (approx.) DVD of the scan, and a CD of your baby's pictures for Facebook and what not. Not bad, but we expect the price of these things to lower already if there is any truth to Moore's law. Magastos lang.

It is apparently ideal to get your 3D/4D stuff taken when the baby's 6-7 months old, which is a time when he's not yet cramped inside your uterus. We forgot how this worked and had Baby No. 2's pictures belatedly taken at close to 8 months. Luckily, Face 2 Face allows you to avail of a lower package first to see if you'd get good scans of the baby. If that seems likely, then they give you the option to upgrade. Good deal, I say.

And so, without having to write a paragraph more, let me share pictures of Baby No. 2.

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

Life's a bore and you know it.

He looks A LOT like Malik in utero -

...except Malik's nose is bigger. Bwahaha

But I'm certain his looks will change once he's out of the womb. This little boy got out of my womb 3 years ago, and he doesn't look the slightest bit like the yellow baby above IMO.

The funk phenomena!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Looking for

We took our pregnancy photos at 34 weeks.

Click after the jump if you care to see more. :)

I have no idea what Malik was doing/trying to do here.
Come to think of it, he probably also had no idea what his parents were up to. 
Mabuti na lang gwapo ang anak namin. Wahaha
The balloon was a leftover prop from the baby that had his photos taken before us.
To that baby's family, thanks. Our pictures would have been so much lamer without you.

Honestly, having maternity photos taken was just something that had to be done before the baby gets here. We did it when we were pregnant with Malik and it just seemed unfair to not do it this time. :p I was more enthusiastic 3 years ago. We asked photographer friends if they could shoot us months before we intended them to. But everyone was just so busy, we ended up having them taken at a studio in the mall.

Even then, the pregnancy photos we took with Malik were nicer. I could share them here but my belly is showing in them. Heehee I could also tell you where we got them taken, but that would just get more people to the studio's website. I wouldn't want that. I wasn't very happy when they used our photos for their ads without our knowledge, much less consent. I had to pull out the Atty. card to get them to remove the photos from their website. They apologized for the "oversight" and offered a free photo session in restitution. Hindi na no. Gamitin niyo pa ulit yun. 

Anyway, these we had taken here only because we were in hurry and their studio was conveniently located in a mall. Some pictures turned out okay, but we weren't "wow-ed" by them. The photographer did not look like she knew what she was doing with the camera (it probably wasn't hers). We had to think of how to act during the shoot ourselves (buti na lang I looked up sample maternity shots from Google the night before). And mygad, the post processing was just awful. Did you notice the outline on our heads in the 1st picture? I could do better and I don't even know how to open an Adobe file. Pffft.

I wish we could find a suking photographer that could take our family pictures without us having to chew through our nails while waiting for the prints. I'm just beginning to realize that I like printed pictures and putting them in frames.

We have shelves like this in the house with frames in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Incidentally, I think I hit the jackpot when I found these decoupage frames from Regalong Pambahay.
(Only PhP200. Whoopee!)

How about you? Can you recommend good and reasonably-priced family photographers?   

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let the countdown begin

We are almost 39 weeks pregnant today. Here's how I looked like this weekend -

I have no idea how much I weigh and I wouldn't want to know.
Let's just say the baby's the size of a watermelon.
I am getting anxious every minute. The verdict on whether I'll give birth normally or via cesarean section is still out there. I did not experience labor the first time considering the scheduled surgery, so I'm wondering now how that would feel. We've prepared as best we could. The other room's been "spring cleaned" (more on this later), new air conditioning has been installed, I've prepared the baby's clear book (that thing that contains legal and medical documents), and our bag is packed and ready.

I'm bringing just one bag (the red one) this time because I know that the hospital will be providing most of our essentials while were there. Malik and I had separate hospital bags 3 years ago. 80% of the contents of the bags weren't even used.
We're also done with shopping for the baby (mostly online because the Philippine Peso is da bomb now) and have been practicing our newborn parenting skills with the help of our toddler.

Malik swaddled in a huuuuge blanket.
 It is only a matter of days now. Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A crafting we will go

We cut back on Malik's access to the iPad when we noticed that he wasn't paying much attention to anything else. 

My pre-shus...
Papers and pencils especially do not interest him. He will hold one for a few seconds alright, but soon his eyes will be wandering off to something else, like a lizard on the wall or...his slippers. Now Malik gets to use the iPad only on weekends. Sadly, this hasn't improved his interest in writing. If at all, he just loves Saturdays more. 

Anyway, we noticed that Malik may also be watching too much TV. We haven't thought about imposing a limit on his TV schedule until we realized it's all he ever does. The moment we get home, he asks that we go to the bedroom because it's the only room in the house with cable TV. I like Jake and Finn, and Gumball and Darwin as much as any three-year old but I swear, four hours of Cartoon Network everyday is just the death of me. So last night, I resolved to steer Malik away from the TV for a little longer. My solution was to get him crafting.

I got Malik this Art Attack apron for effect. (Only P184 from National Bookstore)
I wasn't as prepared as I hoped I would. I only had my lunch break to grab the crafting things that I would need. I chucked construction paper, glue, a drawing book and the apron in my basket and I was good. As you would imagine, my idea for last night's craft project came from the cover of the construction paper packet. Heehee

Malik was eager to participate at first. He was my glue elf.
But he soon lost interest. Here he is making a "rocket ship" out of his markers.
I had to finish the frog myself. 
I attempted to regain his interest by offering to make a paper space ship.
It didn't work. Again, mommy had to finish this one.
Soon we were back in the room to watch Adventure Time. Hay.
Not giving up though. Tonight I plan on making a leaf garland with Malik. And then over the weekend, we'll get some more materials like washable paint, yarn and googly eyes for puppets. There are plenty more crafting ideas and outdoor activities for 3-4 year olds from this website. Uubusin ko yan lahat during my maternity leave.  
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