Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A crafting we will go

We cut back on Malik's access to the iPad when we noticed that he wasn't paying much attention to anything else. 

My pre-shus...
Papers and pencils especially do not interest him. He will hold one for a few seconds alright, but soon his eyes will be wandering off to something else, like a lizard on the wall or...his slippers. Now Malik gets to use the iPad only on weekends. Sadly, this hasn't improved his interest in writing. If at all, he just loves Saturdays more. 

Anyway, we noticed that Malik may also be watching too much TV. We haven't thought about imposing a limit on his TV schedule until we realized it's all he ever does. The moment we get home, he asks that we go to the bedroom because it's the only room in the house with cable TV. I like Jake and Finn, and Gumball and Darwin as much as any three-year old but I swear, four hours of Cartoon Network everyday is just the death of me. So last night, I resolved to steer Malik away from the TV for a little longer. My solution was to get him crafting.

I got Malik this Art Attack apron for effect. (Only P184 from National Bookstore)
I wasn't as prepared as I hoped I would. I only had my lunch break to grab the crafting things that I would need. I chucked construction paper, glue, a drawing book and the apron in my basket and I was good. As you would imagine, my idea for last night's craft project came from the cover of the construction paper packet. Heehee

Malik was eager to participate at first. He was my glue elf.
But he soon lost interest. Here he is making a "rocket ship" out of his markers.
I had to finish the frog myself. 
I attempted to regain his interest by offering to make a paper space ship.
It didn't work. Again, mommy had to finish this one.
Soon we were back in the room to watch Adventure Time. Hay.
Not giving up though. Tonight I plan on making a leaf garland with Malik. And then over the weekend, we'll get some more materials like washable paint, yarn and googly eyes for puppets. There are plenty more crafting ideas and outdoor activities for 3-4 year olds from this website. Uubusin ko yan lahat during my maternity leave.  

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