Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let the countdown begin

We are almost 39 weeks pregnant today. Here's how I looked like this weekend -

I have no idea how much I weigh and I wouldn't want to know.
Let's just say the baby's the size of a watermelon.
I am getting anxious every minute. The verdict on whether I'll give birth normally or via cesarean section is still out there. I did not experience labor the first time considering the scheduled surgery, so I'm wondering now how that would feel. We've prepared as best we could. The other room's been "spring cleaned" (more on this later), new air conditioning has been installed, I've prepared the baby's clear book (that thing that contains legal and medical documents), and our bag is packed and ready.

I'm bringing just one bag (the red one) this time because I know that the hospital will be providing most of our essentials while were there. Malik and I had separate hospital bags 3 years ago. 80% of the contents of the bags weren't even used.
We're also done with shopping for the baby (mostly online because the Philippine Peso is da bomb now) and have been practicing our newborn parenting skills with the help of our toddler.

Malik swaddled in a huuuuge blanket.
 It is only a matter of days now. Let the countdown begin.

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