Friday, February 22, 2013

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We took our pregnancy photos at 34 weeks.

Click after the jump if you care to see more. :)

I have no idea what Malik was doing/trying to do here.
Come to think of it, he probably also had no idea what his parents were up to. 
Mabuti na lang gwapo ang anak namin. Wahaha
The balloon was a leftover prop from the baby that had his photos taken before us.
To that baby's family, thanks. Our pictures would have been so much lamer without you.

Honestly, having maternity photos taken was just something that had to be done before the baby gets here. We did it when we were pregnant with Malik and it just seemed unfair to not do it this time. :p I was more enthusiastic 3 years ago. We asked photographer friends if they could shoot us months before we intended them to. But everyone was just so busy, we ended up having them taken at a studio in the mall.

Even then, the pregnancy photos we took with Malik were nicer. I could share them here but my belly is showing in them. Heehee I could also tell you where we got them taken, but that would just get more people to the studio's website. I wouldn't want that. I wasn't very happy when they used our photos for their ads without our knowledge, much less consent. I had to pull out the Atty. card to get them to remove the photos from their website. They apologized for the "oversight" and offered a free photo session in restitution. Hindi na no. Gamitin niyo pa ulit yun. 

Anyway, these we had taken here only because we were in hurry and their studio was conveniently located in a mall. Some pictures turned out okay, but we weren't "wow-ed" by them. The photographer did not look like she knew what she was doing with the camera (it probably wasn't hers). We had to think of how to act during the shoot ourselves (buti na lang I looked up sample maternity shots from Google the night before). And mygad, the post processing was just awful. Did you notice the outline on our heads in the 1st picture? I could do better and I don't even know how to open an Adobe file. Pffft.

I wish we could find a suking photographer that could take our family pictures without us having to chew through our nails while waiting for the prints. I'm just beginning to realize that I like printed pictures and putting them in frames.

We have shelves like this in the house with frames in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Incidentally, I think I hit the jackpot when I found these decoupage frames from Regalong Pambahay.
(Only PhP200. Whoopee!)

How about you? Can you recommend good and reasonably-priced family photographers?   

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