Friday, March 1, 2013


Malik is taking the older sibling thing well. I was worried because I've been spending most of my time with Izik (gotta get the breast milk a-flowing). But so far, Malik's just been playing the adult by mimicking what we like to say to him when he's in certain situations. For example, when Izik cries, he'd say "It's okay Izik, don't cry. I'm here," which is what I usually say to him when he's upset. Fascinating.

Malik did "hit" Izik twice already in Izik's 4 days as the baby brother. But those were good faith accidents that should not have happened had the adults been paying closer attention. Boys will be boys, I say.

In other news, Malik caught a fever yesterday. 39C temperature, chills and the whole she-bang. Pao had to take him to the hospital at close to midnight to get tests taken. Nothing extraordinary turned up. Plus Malik's feeling better now. I hope the fever doesn't re-appear because it would certainly be easier for us if we're allowed to have both kids in one room.

And finally, Malik's been taking pictures with the iPad...

This one's more like it...

As you can see, I have yet to lose the baby weight. Moms can relate, that is just the least of my concerns. Zzzzz.

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