Friday, July 19, 2013

Bagong buhok

I'm taking a break from blogging about the kids to tell you that I have new hair.

It kinda' looks like my hair while I was growing it out a year ago, except now I have bengs.

I got my hair cut because I've been losing hair like a b*tch lately.

This was my BEFORE hair. Izik just turned 1 month old.
Wicked Witch of the West lang ang peg ko araw-araw

I've experienced similar hair loss after giving birth to Malik so I know this shouldn't be cause for worry. But I also know that it'll take some time (about a year) for my already thin hair to go back to normal. Plus I needed a wash and wear hairstyle bilang wala na talaga akong time so off to the parlorista I went.

My peg: long bob.
My hair is still falling out in heaps. I have hair strands in the shower, on my pillow, on my keyboard at work (Uyyy, sounds familiar.) I realized my problems sounded the same as those in the Dove* commercial so I tried their hair fall shampoo and conditioner. A couple of days later, I'm still losing hair but at least my hair is softer and more manageable. Heehee I think I'll try the rest of their hair fall rescue range. That is all.

* Totally not a sponsored post. My total readership of two (my page views included) could not possibly catch the attention of Unilever's marketing team. 

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