Friday, July 12, 2013

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It may just be because we're second-time parents, but it seems that taking care of Izik is relatively easier than how it was with Malik.

Malik to Izik: "I object."
I say "relative" because I'm still as sleep-deprived as the next parent but when compared to our experience when Malik was a baby, Izik's baby-hood feels like a field day (again, relatively). Izik sleeps longer at night. He doesn't cry so much. And since he's not as heavy, it's easier to carry him around.

"I'm sexy and I know it."
There are things that we did differently this time. They may have helped so I'd like to share them here. In no particular order -

We've been using disposable diapers. I know, sorry naman Mother Earth. But to be perfectly honest, disposable diapers are so much more convenient. We used cloth diapers for Malik until he was 3 months old. We had to change diapers almost every hour, which means his sleep was always interrupted. He was cranky. It was horrible.

Do not be fooled. There is a disposable diaper somewhere inside that diaper cover.
We used Summer Infant SwaddleMe for Izik. The first time we used it, he slept for fours hours straight at night, which is more sleep than I could have ever hoped for. We also swaddled Malik when he was a baby but we only used an ordinary swaddle blanket which wasn't much of a help. 

Toddler burrito (L) and baby burrito (R)
SwaddleMe doesn't unravel no matter how fussy your baby gets, and so long as your baby isn't able to turn from back to tummy yet, it's safe. On that note, we've stopped swaddling Izik when he turned four months old.
Incidentally, Malik's kili-kili is so inviting don't you think? Haha
We use a soother/pacifier for when Izik just wants something to suck on after a feeding. We never used a pacifier with Malik as I was afraid it would ruin his teeth (based on what, I don't know.) But my mother-in-law suggested we get one for Izik because she noticed Izik liked sucking on his hand even after he's had milk.

Walang basagan ng trip, please.
The pacifier also helps Izik sleep on his own at night. I think we will use it until the 6th month. 

We're off to lala-land
We got soothers from Mothercare.
They're designed so baby's skin can breathe under all that, er, soothing.

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