Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Malik may have moved on to Turbo already (showing in theaters this week, by the way) but I'm still not over Minion mania. We've been handing Malik a Minion a day. Well, "handing" isn't exactly how I would describe our ritual. It's been more like "We've been making him look for the MOTD (Minion Of The Day)". It's been fun. The thrill is in the anticipation anyway.

"Look inside your school bag, Malik." 
 I love these moments. I wonder how long it'll take before Malik stops being our giddy little man.

More pictures after the jump.

"There's a Minion inside your school bag?! How did he get there?!"
Friends, meet Jerry the breakdancing Minion.
Malik can get irritable sometimes.
This exercise is also meant to teach Malik the virtues of patience and persistence.
Kami na talaga ang may value-inspiring activities! Heehee
Looking under the bed...
...and inside mommy's cabinet. 

What do you know, it's Dave!
Meet Izik's legs. Haha
This one's Tim Tom. He's been hiding inside Malik's sock drawer for a week. 

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