Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peer pressure (The good kind)

I've been telling myself that I should be teaching Malik how to write or to at least hold a chubby crayon and attempt to color. He likes to dance, run, kick and shoot balls as much as the next kid but we've only recently started to teach him how to eat by himself and brush his teeth. So truth be told, his fine motor skills need some work. This is why I was so happy when I found out that they've been painting and doing other nifty things with their hands in school -

Gluing wood shavings into a board.
This will be the roof of their Popsicle stick  house.
Mixing colors. Malik's been attempting to pour water into his own glass at home but his efforts have not been met with success. Practice practice lang pag may time.
Shredding lettuce for their healthy vegetable salad
Putting on socks
If I can't make him draw pictures with me, at least peer pressure will. Aha!

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