Friday, July 26, 2013

ProP 4.0 - Svenson

PRoud Parent Update - I'm starting a new series in the blog called (tada!) Proud Parent Update. Here I will document Izik's growth, development and nuisances, which I know will interest only me and those who personally know and love my pa-shong-shong*. I used to do this too when Malik was just a baby. I now have the privilege of re-reading those posts and reminiscing, so I'm doing it again for Izik.

Anyway, this is just to say that if you see "ProP" in the title of a post, feel free to walk away. Not that I wouldn't want you to swoon over my cha-pong-pong*. It's just to acknowledge that doting moms like me can be very annoying if we choose to.

Moving on. Here are updates this month -

Here's our customary mother-son shot. Hah!
We started propping Izik up against our arms and bellies.
He likes to sit and look around but we're still careful because he topples over sometimes.

We stopped swaddling Izik altogether. Not much adjustment was required, thank goodness.
With certain exceptions, he still sleeps soundly at night in stretches of 3-4 hours.
I seldom see him display the Moro reflex  now. 

Izik's growing a bald spot! Oh no.
Could this be a sign of balding in his adult life?

We've developed a nighttime ritual.
I change his diapers and his clothes, we roughhouse with him (a little),
and then I nurse him or Pao cradles him until he falls asleep. 

The best part of my weekend -
Me reading a book while Izik quietly plays with his toys. 
Okay. This isn't exactly a good picture.
But lately, we've been letting Izik sleep on his tummy.
He likes to sleep sideways too.

* My terms of endearment for Izik. All rights reserved. 

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