Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ProP 5.0 - Pffft.

Proud Parent Update - Izik likes to say "Pffft." If you're wondering how that sounds, just put your lips together like this -

- and say "Pffft".

Easy. We don't know what triggered the habit. He seems to be able to do it on cue. I just say "Do it again, Izik" and he goes "Pffft."

Izik doesn't cry so much anymore. He used to really scream when he's sleepy. Now he just sings with whoever is cradling him. Izik's "singing" doesn't sound like an actual song of course. It actually sounds like a cross between a cry and a whimper. Hmmm.


....zzzZZZZ pa din.

Izik's head control is improving. Notice the distance between his head and the mattress. Mataas na in fairness.

This is the Izik Asana (Know your yoga, guys).

He's been moving around our bed by rolling. We've chanced upon him almost wedged between the bed and the wall in the wee hours of the morning! So we had to bring out the bed rail and to push the bed against the wall. I wouldn't be surprised if we're made to sleep on the floor (again) soon.

We also brought out the Bumbo this weekend. We only use it for short periods of time though. Izik gets wobbly when he's on it for long.

Heigh-ho Silver, away!
Incidentally, having two kids of the same gender certainly has its perks. We rarely buy new baby gear now. Both the bed rail and the floor seat are hand-me-downs from Malik. We're also using the same crib, clothes and toys. If having a baby is this economical, maybe we should have one more.  What do you think, Izik?

Wahahaha! You're so funny mommy! 

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