Monday, July 22, 2013

Show and Tell

For show and tell two weeks ago, Malik and his class were asked to bring one "favorite thing" to school. It may be a toy, a book, an article of clothing, any thing so long as it's a favorite. They will then tell a sentence or two about the thing in front of the class.

Malik and his classmates. I have a couple of favorites but I won't tell who. Hehe
I encouraged Malik to bring one of his toys. Heaven knows he has so many favorite toys.

Toy gun borrowed from Kuya Gab
(Malik as Agent J from MIB, obviously)
Man of Steel viewfinder and upcycled Chicken Joy bucket from Jollibee
(Sulit na sulit ang bucket na yan.)
Ben 10 plumber ray gun c/o Lola Edna
But to my surprise, Malik refused. He said he wanted to bring a t-shirt. A t-shirt! I asked him which t-shirt and he said he's bringing his Ironman t-shirt.

I could not believe that Malik was passing up on the opportunity to share his toys with his classmates. When he first started going to school, he wanted to bring toys to play with but couldn't (school rules). And now that he could, he's just letting the opportunity pass. So I asked and asked and his answer was consistent. He's bringing the Ironman t-shirt to school.

Ito na ang t-shirt na pang-show and tell.
In the morning of show and tell day, I asked Malik if he wanted to bring a picture of Izik to school. Izik's picture would be his back-up "thing" as it certainly is more interesting than a t-shirt.

Izik's giggles - one of MY favorite things
Malik thankfully said yes, but he's bringing mama's and papa's picture too. So I got a random photo booth picture of Pao, myself and Malik taken at the baptism of a friend's son.

Some days later, I find out that Malik showed, not his t-shirt, but our pictures to his class.

"Picture ito ni Mommy and Daddy and baby"
The picture in the frame is Izik's. The strip that Malik is holding is our photo booth pic.
The kids of Kinder Bulan with their favorite things
I'd like to think that we're his favorite thing, but it could just be because he forgot all about the t-shirt in his bag. Toink. 

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  1. Aaaw. Naiyak ako pramis. Haha. I miss Malik. :D


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