Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Si Putot

For National Children's Book Day on July 16, the kids at Malik's school were encouraged to come as Filipino storybook characters. This was problematic for two reasons:

1. Malik does not own a Filipino storybook. He's been reading since he was about 2 1/2 years old, but we've mostly read hand me down books to him which were in English; and

2. Costumes were supposed to be recycled. We're not very good at crafting things. So necessarily, Malik's book day required some planning.

The kids of Kinder Bulan on National Children's Book Day

First up was to get ourselves a Filipino storybook. We had a couple of considerations. The book had to have short sentences. Malik would not be able to finish reading it otherwise. And secondly, the book had to feature a character for which a costume could be easily made. That was the intention after all; there was no need to be very intellectual about it. Anyway, I picked out Adarna book's Si Putot - a story about a dog with a short tail.

Malungkot si Putot dahil maiksi ang kanyang buntot.

(It's a good book by the way. Putot meets a worm who teaches Putot to appreciate himself despite his disabilities.) When that was done, there was the matter of Malik actually knowing Putot. Everynight before D-day, Pao read Si Putot to Malik (and his minions. Heehee).

Malik has been peppering his sentences with "buntot" lately.
He thinks the word is funny. Buntot. Has a nice ring to it.

And then we had to deal with the costume-making. Ugh. I found this photo from Google.

It looked easy enough, but I wanted to make it easier. I could do away with the furry shirt. I figured, I'd just get an old bonnet, sew on dog ears, and make Malik wear an all-white outfit.

A good parent would make dog ears from scratch.
I, on the other hand, bought bunny ears from Saizen. ;p
Sayang naman ang bunny ears kung hindi muna pi-picture-an. Hehe

Isa pa. Yey.
Did I hear you say "do-it-yourself costume"? Okay. Here's what you do.
Get perfectly good bunny ears and cut them out.
Sew the bunny ears into an old Baguio bonnet...
...and sew what's left of the bunny ears into an old pair of shorts.
Instant buntot!

It turns out, National Children's Book Day is a big event at Malik's school. I felt bad for not putting more effort into Malik's costume. Ang ibang parents kinareer!

Whoever made that turtle costume has to be given an award!

We had to go to work on book day. Malik went to school with Lolo.
I left gel eyeliner to put on Malik's nose like our peg.
But I may or may not have left clear instructions.
Ayan, kamukha tuloy ni Malik si Nora Aunor. Haha

Waiting for story telling time...

Older kids read story books to preschoolers. Awww.

A good parent would remember to bring fruit kebab.
I, on the other hand, forgot. :( 
No worries though. There was plenty of food to go around.
Malik's classmate, J, went as Juan Tumad. He won Best Costume. Clap, clap.
Maybe I'll put more elbow into Malik's costume next year. It's never too late to buy myself a glue gun ain't it? *sigh*

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