Saturday, July 13, 2013

That was easy

Earlier this year, we started weaning Malik from the bottle. We would have done it earlier, except that he's stressed enough with a new member in the family coming. We wouldn't want to add to the stress by taking away all of his bottles.

Malik will throw a fit if he sees this picture. Hehe
As soon as Izik was born, Malik drank milk from his bottle only at night before going to bed. This wasn't fine by him. He threw tantrums. Sometimes, he'd cry like the end of the world at his attempts to get us to give him his bottle before his afternoon nap. I never gave in. Well, I rarely did. This rule went on for quite some time until Malik started going to school.

One random day, I jokingly asked Malik if he wanted me to put milk in a bottle in his school bag so he can drink milk from the bottle in school. Malik vehemently objected, and I mean he did this with such passion. He apparently knew that it wasn't "appropriate" for a child his age to be drinking milk from the bottle anymore. (His tag line nowadays is "I'm not a baby!")

At around 3 years and 7 months, Malik all of a sudden stopped asking milk from the bottle. He instead insisted that we give him milk "sa glass". In fact, we may, with Malik's blessing, give his bottles to Izik already.

Kuyang kuya na talaga si Kuya.
That was easy.

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