Thursday, July 18, 2013

To do list

On Sunday, I took Malik grocery shopping. It was the first time that we did it by ourselves, without Yaya or Pao in tow. I'm very proud of kuya for not running around and making me run after him which he usually does. He just complained a little about being tired (really a hint that I should let him ride the grocery cart). But when I told him that he'd just have to bear with me because we're nearly done, he was fine. He just walked beside me as we combed the grocery aisles and only occasionally asked to push the cart. Oh, when he saw canned goods on the floor, he picked them up and put them back on the shelves without me asking. I'm so proud.

Here's my trooper. I told him he could sit on the bench while I paid for our groceries.

And also because I'd like to remember the conversation that we had on our way home, I'm writing it down here.

Me: "Did we remember to buy the things that you like?" (He wanted to go to the grocery with me to make sure that I'd buy his usuals.) "Did we get Yakult?"
Malik: "Check! How about Dutch Mill?"
Me: "Check! How about Yogurt?"
Malik: "Check! How about Stick-o?"
Me: "Check!"

Later that night -

Pao: "Did you have fun today, Malik? Are you happy?"
Malik: "Yes. I went to the supermarket. Check! And to the mall. Check!"

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