Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ace Hotel & Suites

How is everyone's long weekend coming along? We just got back from our vacation in the city. I originally wanted to go someplace bucolic. Yun bang may insekto sa kama at may kalabaw sa bakuran. But we scrapped the idea the moment we realized that Izik's still too little to be travelling to the 'country.' So we booked a room at the Ace Hotel & Suites instead.

Best staycation everrr! 
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Delighted even. I wasn't expecting much. The hotel isn't exactly known for luxury. Plus, it's in an area that's home to mostly warehouses and factories.  But service was excellent. Our room was comfortable, spacious and clean. Food was great. And there's so much to do for a family in the hotel that there really isn't any reason to leave.

The lobby is humble. It's beside two other reception areas - one for the water spa and another for the condominium. Don't get turned-off by the tarpaulins and the throng of people near the entrance to the water spa.  It gets so much quieter inside the hotel.

We paid around PhP4,000 (USD100) for a junior suite. That's the discounted rate from less the points that we earned from booking with agoda previously. Sulit na sulit.

For that price, we got this bed...
...a couple of single-sized beds in the sitting area and a separate area for writing and making meals.
There was plenty of room to move around really.
Too bad the hotel made a mistake in our original sleeping arrangements. Turns out we were entitled to a queen-sized bed and a sofa so they had to take away the single beds! But they let us keep the cushions that we placed on the floor like this... 

We were at least spared from having to set up the crib. Yey. 
I wonder though if we can request that this be done again next time. 

The bathroom is big and clean, with a big shower head that I didn't get to try. Huhu

The room came with two free adult entrance tickets to the water spa, two P200 off vouchers also for the water spa, and breakfast buffet for two.

You have never seen a happier kid in the world. 

We couldn't take pictures at the water spa but I'm sure you can Google that elsewhere. We've been to their water spa in Banawe. That one's bigger than the one attached to the hotel but all the attractions that Malik loved were present, only in a smaller scale.

Here we are after two hours spent in the water spa.
Izik didn't go of course. But Malik had a blast.
You get to stay in the water spa for four hours max.
That's more than enough time.
Pagod na pagod ka na pagtapos.

Here's another photo after I blow dried my hair.
Kinailangan ko lang ipakitang maayos na ang buhok ko. Haha

In addition to the water spa, you can take the kids to the family KTV. Rates are very reasonable. There's also a salon, a real spa, plenty of restaurants and a bar at the rooftop of the hotel with fantastic views of the Ortigas area. So after you've tucked the kids to bed, mom and dad can have their vacation too. It was all very well-thought off.

I especially appreciated the little things that the staff did to make us feel welcome. The bottle of wine and fruit platter were medyo standard fare so those weren't surprising. But the extra towels brought up to our room without us asking for them are just superb, and the attentive bellhops deserve a pay raise (whatever it is that they're getting now. hehe)

Overall I'm happy we took a gamble with Ace Hotel & Suites. It's a no-frills family-friendly hotel that's great for short staycations. The place is not very fancy, which was just as well because fancy can sometimes be hoity-toity and that's the least that I'd want when on vacation.

The Brothers Zamora approve. We will be back!

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