Saturday, August 17, 2013

Independence Day

Malik has been asserting his independence lately. He prefers, or at least tries to, brush his teeth, go to the potty, eat, and dress up by himself. He even reads the newspaper on his own. Seriously.

He made up a song for his newfound independence. I'm going to dub the song "Marunong na ako" because that's all he says. Here -

In other news, Malik has learned to sing the National Anthem. He seems to like it a lot because he hums it to himself when he's doing other things. Sometimes he lines up his minions and plays the conductor.

I love that Malik's school teaches our kids about our heritage. Since starting school in June this year, Malik has begun conversing in Filipino. He uses 'po' and 'opo' even when speaking to his yaya. He recognizes the Philippine flag (he calls our flag "Pilipinas". As in "Look mama, Pilipinas!") and he's made a habit of reading storybooks in Filipino.

Before I end I have to tell you that Malik has a new name. He calls himself "Flash Red Malik Costume Kuya Malik Nebab Zamora". You'd think he'd forget such a long name especially since it's made up, but you'll be surprised. He says it the same way everytime I ask. Playful fellow this one.

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