Thursday, August 29, 2013


When we got home on Tuesday, Malik was wearing these paper frames that they made in school.

I wanted to be cool about it so I enthusiastically said "You have glasses! Like Clark Kent!" Malik was on his way up the stairs but he paused and said,"I have glasses like you!" with a smile on his face. That put a smile on my face too. :)

It turns out they made these in school to introduce the kids to Ninoy Aquino (August 21 is Ninoy Aquino Day). I wanted to know what Malik knew about him so I asked him again about his new glasses later in the night. He said "I'm Ninoy Aquino. He's the President. He was shot with a gun. He's a hero."

Malik may have confused Ninoy Aquino with his son, the current Philippine President Noynoy Aquino. But the rest of it is historically accurate. Malik especially got the hero part right. Well done.

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