Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ProP 5.1 - Solid Eater, Pants Wearer

Proud Parent Update - We introduced Izik to the wonderful world of solid food last week. We've had experience in this area. Ahem. So we just went with the tried and tested, and bought organic rice cereal from Healthy Options.

The stuff tastes like paper but, Izik's expression notwithstanding, babies seem to love them. Um-nom-nom.

I mixed carrots with the rice cereal one time just to see how Izik would like it. Izik liked it alright but I think we will be delaying the fruits/vegetables until next month. I may not have mashed the carrots enough because they ended up in Izik's bottom in all their orange-y glory the next day. Heehee

In other news, Izik's teeth are beginning to appear. Can you see them here?

No wonder Izik's been drooling like a leaking water pipe. He's also been biting his cloth diapers (lampin in Filipino, not the kind that we use for tushies).

We brought out the teethers. This used to be Malik's. I don't know how I was able to store these things. With foresight, I suppose. And thrift!

Izik's grown all of a sudden. One day we're treating him like the newborn that he is. The next day he's wearing pants in the mall. Again, pants and shirt are from kuya Malik.

He's able to pull things to himself like a lampin or a toy that he likes. He moves around mostly by rolling.

We took out Malik's old sling for a spin. We never did get much use of this but will probably will with Izik. Izik's expression notwithstanding, he likes his ride. I can't say I don't feel his weight but these slings are pretty comfortable. We didn't have to take the stroller with us this time.

Finally, Izik likes to kick when he's excited. He moves his legs like he's treading deep waters.

I think these are all for now. We will be celebrating Izik's 6th month birthday in a week. Considering how fast he's growing, we may have more material for a ProP 5.2. Stay tuned!

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