Sunday, August 25, 2013

ProP 5.4 - Goodbye, Five

Proud Parent Update - No one makes Izik laugh louder than his kuya.

Ye Entertainer Extraordinaire


We've been using our baby slings more often than the stroller. These are great. No hassle going up and down escalators.

It's easier to cradle sleeping babies in them too -

Izik's been attending Sunday service with us. Kuya goes to Kids Church; Izik stays with us in the adult service.

Spot Malik!

We can't get enough of Izik's chubby cheeks.

Izik has learned how to properly thumbsuck. He learned from the best! Ahem.

When Malik was this age, his nighttime ritual consisted of crying himself to sleep. Izik, on the other hand, laughs himself to sleep. One of the signs that he's sleepy is when he laughs at the silliest sounds like a 'pffft' or a 'boink'.

It's Pao's job to help Izik fall asleep at night. His lullabies of choice are songs from the Beatles.

We've taken Izik to the supermarket. It wasn't a good idea.

Izik likes to play with the labels of his toys. Malik did this too when he was little, so we assume this is normal. (It is, right?)

This is the last of the ProP 5s. Izik turns 6 months old tomorrow. Hwat.

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