Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Clubhouse

I wanted to try out The Clubhouse at Robinsons Magnolia not because of the food but because the interiors were designed by who I hope will design our future home - Elle Uy.

True enough, the place did not dissappoint design-wise. I just plain love the feel of this place - it's country, it's industrial, it's eclectic. It's so many different concepts rolled into a home-y, coherent package, which is precisely what I want our home to be. Elle Uy has done it again apparently.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love the wallpaper, the shelving, the wood used for the shelving and the clock...

I love the wall, the chairs, and the innovative use of numbers on the tables.

I loved that the place is family-friendly. They had books for kids to read.

I picked out Goodnight Moon for Malik, it being a classic. Naks. Here he is reading some of the pages (Medyo na-outgrow na nya ang mga ganitong libro. Nagbabasa na kasi sya ng diyaryo. Haha)

I also loved that there was plenty of room between tables to navigate a stroller. Some restaurants overlook this important detail.

Did I mention the lighting? And the tufted leather benches?

Unfortunately, I will not be going back for the food. :( Masaya si Pao sa picture na ito kasi hindi pa niya natitikman yung in-order niya.

Servings are small yet pricey (around P300 per dish). I had a smoked salmon with cream cheese bagel. The salmon tasted like yesterday's catch. I was only able to eat half of my sandwich. Pao couldn't be bothered to eat the rest.

Pao had what the waiter recommended - the 5-hr. pulled pork sandwich. The pork was tender and well-marinated but it's not something I would dream about at night.

Malik had sausages and fries. He loved these because well, he's a 3 yr.-old kid who likes to eat sausages and fries.

Izik also enjoyed his meal. But only because he ate rice cereal that wasn't cooked in-house. Buti pa siya.

I stayed away from the desserts no matter how pretty they looked because experience taught me that they will not taste good.

So will I go back? Sadly, no. I may just as well look at the restaurant's photos over at Elle Uy's blog. Sayang din. If they could draw a crowd jut because of how the restaurant looks, they might as well do something about the food so people who get in want to actually come back.

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