Monday, September 30, 2013

Three Simple Truths About Cloth Diapers

We used cloth diapers with Malik from birth until he was about 2 months old. It was a harrowing experience. We had to wash more than a dozen diapers a day. Malik woke up from his sleep every time he peed, which meant we did not sleep too. In the end, I didn't think the benefits outweighed the hassle so we switched to disposables until Malik was potty trained.

Our experience almost prevented us from giving cloth diapers a second chance. But I consulted a few friends about it, and those who used cloth diapers swear by it. So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work (meaning, I Googled). We've been using cloth diapers for Izik since that decision was made. And I speak from the bottom of my heart when I tell you, this stuff really works!

Buchokoy: Cloth diapering ambassador :)

To encourage other mothers to give cloth diapers a try, I wrote down these three simple truths.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

ProP 7.0 - Cat-Boy

Proud Parent Update - I have not had time to update the blog because we're one helper down in the home front. When I come home from work on weekdays, I do the laundry and take care of the kids. So yeah, we've been busy.

I notice though that the house feels and looks cleaner when there aren't kasambahays around. They're probably not too good at their jobs (I have been cleaning the rooms after the helpers left and discovered that they literally just swept dust under the rug). Or we're being extra careful not to make a mess because we have to clean up after ourselves. Anyway.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pista sa Raya

Malik had his first ever school presentation a couple of weeks ago. It was called Pista sa Raya and it was meant to be celebrated in time for Linggo ng Wika (They had to move it to a few weeks later because of bad weather).

I didn't know these school presentations required a lot of effort. For several days a week, Malik would go to school earlier than usual to practice. We scoured malls and the wet market to get Malik his costume. And everyday, before going to bed, we'd practice their song. Parents were "encouraged" to come in Filipiniana too. 

It's a good thing I had this top in my cabinet.
Put it on, add a maxi skirt and you're all set!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ProP 6.3 - * and such

Proud Parent Update - My darling little boy is able to stand while holding on to the rails of his playpen.

It's probably too early for him to be doing this so I'm not encouraging it. Besides, he's getting better at sitting.

He still likes to play with his hands. We sometimes make him to do this so it looks like he's asking Kuya Malik to take a bath already (Pleasse Kuya).

Give him a lampin and he's good to go. At night and during nap time, we put a lampin within his arm's reach so he can play with it if he wakes up from his sleep.

Also this month, * happened while Pao was in Taiwan. I won't write about that anymore but I'll know what * means several years down the road.

You'll be fine, Izikoy.

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Monday, September 16, 2013


Malik goes by a lot of names. He's sometimes Ironmalik, Spiderman, Superman or whatever cartoon superhero suits his fancy. Lately, he will not respond unless we call him Kick Buttowski. He's this fellow here -

He made his yaya make him a sticker nameplate that he put on his book. He was eager to show it to me when I got home one work day.

Then I told him he mispelled Kick's surname.

He cried, demanded that the sticker be removed and that I make him a new one with the correct spelling.

Some days, you'll see Malik walking around crunched like an old man with his lampin on his shoulder.

When you see him like this, call him Gru. He's this fellow here -

Evil genius turned dad extraordinaire.
Malik doesn't only do this when he's at home. I'll tell you more about it when I write about his school activity next.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

ProP 6.2 - My Chill Bear

Proud Parent Update - This month's major milestone is that Izik can sit on his own without assistance.

He can hold this position for about 5 minutes and then he gets tired and just crashes. He sometimes sits like this when taking his bath. I'd show you a photo but our bathroom is filthy. Hee

His teeth are getting huuuuge -

Did I mention? These are deadly.

I notice Izik is as cool as a cucumber. He seldom cries. Well, except when he needs things - like food, milk, sleep, or a new set of clothes. Otherwise, he just likes to chill.

"I'm minding my own business, mom. Why can't you?"

On weekends, we stay in bed with him for an hour in the morning before doing actual work. He doesn't need to be up and about right away. 

"You just do your thing, dad. I'll do mine."
These thighs are made for rollin'.

I took pictures of Izik while he was sleeping the other night. He looked rested.

And then we took pictures of his hands and feet today because it won't be long until he loses his Cabbage Patch-y-ness.

Dimpled knuckles!

On a totally random note, I've been accumulating baby carriers. Here we are trying out my fairly recent purchase from Indigo Baby.

We took this picture when we first got the carrier.
Here we are road-testing it. Dumdidum.
That'll be all today. Toodles.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mommy's Milk

I'm all for breastfeeding. Its many benefits to both mom and baby have been scientifically proven. It encourages mother-child bonding. And it saves families money and time (from having to sterilize bottles and make formula). I am, however, against making a mother feel that she is less of a mother because she was either constrained, or has chosen, to give her baby formula.

Parenting involves such fantastic amounts of selflessness, hardwork and commitment that it is impossible to judge the worth of a parent's love solely on the basis of whether a mother has breastfed her baby or not. Many blogs out there advocate breastfeeding. It is good that they are dedicated to their advocacy. I just wish that they don't make other mothers feel bad about themselves in the process. 

That said, Izik and I are still nursing at 6 1/2 months. Yey.

Photo taken by Malik. No post-processing required. Yuz.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jobos dela Cruz

If one of these days, you find yourself wondering what jobos looks like, you'll thank me for showing you this.

Ang tagal kitang hinanap. Iyan ka lang pala!

We took Malik with us to the Kamuning market a couple of weeks ago to buy him a camiso tsino for an event in school. We were looking for an orange camiso tsino and figured we'd find one in the Kamuning market because well, that's where you go for these things.

Unang beses ni Malik sa palengke noon.

Our trip was a disappointment not only because they did NOT have an orange camiso tsino but also because they offered to sell us an overpriced one in the wrong color. So no. Kamuning market is not the place to go to for these things.

The Landmark (in Trinoma) is where you should go. We got Malik a white camiso tsino there at a price that was surprisingly cheaper than the one in the wet market. The story behind my search for the jobos is that we used that to color Malik's t-shirt orange. The result -

Tada! Jobos success.

Malik instantly fell in love with this t-shirt because it made him look like Juan dela Cruz. If you think 'Juan dela Cruz' is just a typical Filipino name, you obviously haven't been watching primetime TV lately. Juan dela Cruz, to Malik's generation, is this guy here -

May lisp pero pumapatay ng aswang.

Buying Malik the sword was the natural next step. He took this with him wherever he went, until the sword got broken about a day and a half after its purchase. Oh well.

At least it made Malik momentarily happy.  Ha-yah!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lines and Squiggles

Malik has been practicing how to write. Before he started school, we couldn't get him interested in pens and crayons. At least now he knows how to properly hold a writing implement.

He uses both hands so far. Not at the same time, of course. He alternately writes with his left hand and right hand with ease (See pictures after the jump).

Monday, September 2, 2013

ProP 6.1 - He scoots, he scores

Proud Parent Update - Izik is able to scoot his way around. He especially likes going after these balls. Fetch, Izik (weeheehee)

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