Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jobos dela Cruz

If one of these days, you find yourself wondering what jobos looks like, you'll thank me for showing you this.

Ang tagal kitang hinanap. Iyan ka lang pala!

We took Malik with us to the Kamuning market a couple of weeks ago to buy him a camiso tsino for an event in school. We were looking for an orange camiso tsino and figured we'd find one in the Kamuning market because well, that's where you go for these things.

Unang beses ni Malik sa palengke noon.

Our trip was a disappointment not only because they did NOT have an orange camiso tsino but also because they offered to sell us an overpriced one in the wrong color. So no. Kamuning market is not the place to go to for these things.

The Landmark (in Trinoma) is where you should go. We got Malik a white camiso tsino there at a price that was surprisingly cheaper than the one in the wet market. The story behind my search for the jobos is that we used that to color Malik's t-shirt orange. The result -

Tada! Jobos success.

Malik instantly fell in love with this t-shirt because it made him look like Juan dela Cruz. If you think 'Juan dela Cruz' is just a typical Filipino name, you obviously haven't been watching primetime TV lately. Juan dela Cruz, to Malik's generation, is this guy here -

May lisp pero pumapatay ng aswang.

Buying Malik the sword was the natural next step. He took this with him wherever he went, until the sword got broken about a day and a half after its purchase. Oh well.

At least it made Malik momentarily happy.  Ha-yah!

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