Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lines and Squiggles

Malik has been practicing how to write. Before he started school, we couldn't get him interested in pens and crayons. At least now he knows how to properly hold a writing implement.

He uses both hands so far. Not at the same time, of course. He alternately writes with his left hand and right hand with ease (See pictures after the jump).

We bought a few things for Malik to practice on. Here's a kindergarten workbook that I got from the Booksale. By far our favorite. I'm going to buy one more of this when the activities run out.

Malik learned how to draw a circle because of this workbook. Love.

Also got him a backpack that he can color with special markers -

Malik uses his left hand here...

...and then switches the pen to his right hand here.

I notice Malik is encouraged to write more when he's with other kids so we got a pink one for Ate Mae too -

I played tic-tac-toe with Malik the other night. He was always the 'Circle' because he couldn't draw an 'X' yet. Malik easily gets frustrated if he can't draw things. He's crying in this photo because he wanted to draw Pao with a 'happy mouth.' He's only able to draw a basic circle (for the face), dots (for eyes) and a straight line (for the mouth) but not a curved line (a 'happy mouth'). Awww.

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