Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pista sa Raya

Malik had his first ever school presentation a couple of weeks ago. It was called Pista sa Raya and it was meant to be celebrated in time for Linggo ng Wika (They had to move it to a few weeks later because of bad weather).

I didn't know these school presentations required a lot of effort. For several days a week, Malik would go to school earlier than usual to practice. We scoured malls and the wet market to get Malik his costume. And everyday, before going to bed, we'd practice their song. Parents were "encouraged" to come in Filipiniana too. 

It's a good thing I had this top in my cabinet.
Put it on, add a maxi skirt and you're all set!

Pista sa Raya this year was held at the Charito Planas Garden in the QC Memorial Circle. Side note: Ang ganda na ng QC Circle ha. I remember going there in College but I don't remember the place looking this good. There were plenty of families on picnics. I saw some sort of a fitness class in one of the areas. There's also plenty of room to run, play and what-not. We must go back with Izik one of these days.

Lots of fun things to do at the Circle now.
Anyway, we arrived at the venue later than the call time because I couldn't find a parking slot near the garden. When we got there, Malik's classmates were already on the banig, waiting for their turn. 

I don't think we missed much though. It seemed like the kids performed by level and I saw even the pre-nursery classes do their thing. Ang cu-cute lang. 

Soon it was Kinder Bulan's turn. Malik and his classmates did a good job singing Leron Leron Sinta. I'm happy Malik performed the gestures that they practiced. Well, at least those that he remembered.

The Papaya Boys and Girls of Kinder Bulan
I'm happiest that he and his classmates looked like they were having a good time. They were shouting into the mic towards the end of the song. Malik was grabbing the mic along with every one else! I'll post a video soon. 

Hala, sige. Kanta.

Since the event was a Pista, we were asked to bring food to share.

Let the festivities begin!
Malik's class brought pork barbecue and fruit. I had no problem sourcing the barbecue. I work near a mall. So all I had to do was pass by the food court after work and buy myself a dozen. For the fruit, I thought of bringing grapes because that's easiest to eat. When we got to the Pista, I was wondering why most of the other kids brought banana. And then it hit me: Linggo ng Wika nga e. Hindi naman endemic ang grapes sa Pilipinas! Anubah. I felt so bad that I kept going back to the fruit spread to see how my non-Pinoy grapes were doing. Naubos naman sila. Yey. 

Saging, pakwan and what's left of my tub of grapes.

Now we come to the story of Malik as Gru. When the presentations ended, Malik kept asking me "Nasaan si Angela?". I don't recall any of Malik's classmates being named Angela so I did what any parent would do - ignore her child. Malik kept pestering me about it though. Good thing my father-in-law, God bless him, volunteered to walk around the garden to look for Angela.

They eventually found her...

Angela's the girl in pig tails. Cute no? which point Malik would not stop following her like this.

See? Gru as Gru can be.

I asked Angela's parents if we could take a picture of Malik and Angela together. They obliged, God bless them, but Angela wouldn't have any of it. I couldn't blame her. Malik was starting to creep me out too. LOL

You're a weird kid, Malik. And I love you for it. :)
That is all. Until Malik's next school activity! Yeah.

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