Monday, September 2, 2013

ProP 6.1 - He scoots, he scores

Proud Parent Update - Izik is able to scoot his way around. He especially likes going after these balls. Fetch, Izik (weeheehee)

We sometimes put a mattress in our living room floor so Izik can practice crawling. There's not much space to do that in our room. Here we let Izik scoot on the bed, but with pillows as barricades and only under adult supervision.

Malik lets Izik play with some of his toys. The minions are a favorite. Izik also likes playing with Kuya Malik's toy planes.

He will eat them too if we're not careful. Oops.

We're transitioning to cloth diapers this month and will hopefully be able to eliminate disposables from our grocery list by Izik's 7th month birthday.

(Discovered a gem of an online shop selling these awesome pocket diapers. Will tell you all about that later.)

Izik is still using a soother -

I know I said we'll let him use a pacifier only until he's 6 months old but it can't be helped. These are great for getting him to sleep. Recently bought age-appropriate ones (6-18 mos.) from Avent.

That'll be all so far. Toodles.

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  1. Hooray to new milestones and cloth diapers! :)


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