Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ProP 6.3 - * and such

Proud Parent Update - My darling little boy is able to stand while holding on to the rails of his playpen.

It's probably too early for him to be doing this so I'm not encouraging it. Besides, he's getting better at sitting.

He still likes to play with his hands. We sometimes make him to do this so it looks like he's asking Kuya Malik to take a bath already (Pleasse Kuya).

Give him a lampin and he's good to go. At night and during nap time, we put a lampin within his arm's reach so he can play with it if he wakes up from his sleep.

Also this month, * happened while Pao was in Taiwan. I won't write about that anymore but I'll know what * means several years down the road.

You'll be fine, Izikoy.

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