Sunday, September 29, 2013

ProP 7.0 - Cat-Boy

Proud Parent Update - I have not had time to update the blog because we're one helper down in the home front. When I come home from work on weekdays, I do the laundry and take care of the kids. So yeah, we've been busy.

I notice though that the house feels and looks cleaner when there aren't kasambahays around. They're probably not too good at their jobs (I have been cleaning the rooms after the helpers left and discovered that they literally just swept dust under the rug). Or we're being extra careful not to make a mess because we have to clean up after ourselves. Anyway.

Most of these photos were taken a week before Izik turned 7 months old. He likes to stand up while holding on to things.

He started kneeling first.

And then moved up to standing up.

Sometimes he likes to show off by holding on to his crib with only one hand. Yabang.

We've been cleaning up Malik's old toys and giving them to Izik. We let him play with our hairbrush. He especially likes these stacking cups because I let him gum the rim.

He likes to play by himself in his play pen.

He can sleep without his chupeta. (His hands are freakishly big here. Hmmm.)

He has the habit of meowing like a cat when he wants something. These photos don't quiet capture what he does but they will do.

Izik isn't an infant anymore. When we take away a toy that he's playing with, he complains and cries.

We started Your Baby Can Read but Izik only likes to watch the 1st 15 mins. of the video. Oh well, maybe we'll try some more next month. We'll stick to picture books in the meantime.

Happy birthday, buchokoy.

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