Monday, September 16, 2013


Malik goes by a lot of names. He's sometimes Ironmalik, Spiderman, Superman or whatever cartoon superhero suits his fancy. Lately, he will not respond unless we call him Kick Buttowski. He's this fellow here -

He made his yaya make him a sticker nameplate that he put on his book. He was eager to show it to me when I got home one work day.

Then I told him he mispelled Kick's surname.

He cried, demanded that the sticker be removed and that I make him a new one with the correct spelling.

Some days, you'll see Malik walking around crunched like an old man with his lampin on his shoulder.

When you see him like this, call him Gru. He's this fellow here -

Evil genius turned dad extraordinaire.
Malik doesn't only do this when he's at home. I'll tell you more about it when I write about his school activity next.

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