Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Here's the amigurumi project that I told you I was working on. Tada!

Not the baby silly. I meant this bear -

He looks nice in pictures but he's really wonky when you meet him in person. I had trouble with the sewing and didn't know how I could cleanly attach the pieces together.

I also think his muzzle is lopsided and his eyes are unusually large. Hmmm.

His ears needed more work.

Notice the round hole in the middle? I have since learned how to make that disappear, among other things. Google is really my best friend when it comes to learning. Sadly, he's been abused by his owner, poor thing -

So I made him go to Belo to get new ears. Which one do you like better?

I named this bear Chanandler Bong. I love how he turned out despite (or maybe because) of his imperfections. I have rescued him from Izik. He's vacationing in the other room and will hopefully be preserved until Buchokoy learns how to better take care of him.

*Chanandler's pattern from here, by the way.

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