Friday, October 18, 2013

My old lady's hobby

The reason why I've been mentioning yarns a lot lately is that I've recently discovered [what I hope to be] a new hobby - making amigurumi! I was looking for party themes on Pinterest for Izik's 1st birthday party when I came across these monsters -

Many pins and click-throughs after, I learned that there's an entire universe of people who are into making crochet toys. I quickly ordered yarns and supplies online. Of course I couldn't wait for my supplies to arrive so I bought cheap acrylic yarn from National Bookstore and made this in the meantime -

Tada! This is your regular crochet ball that I pass off for a rattle because I placed beads in a plastic container inside before stuffing. The ball makes a sound when you shake it. Izik was impressed. He's very hard to please you know. Hehe

I actually started with this rabbit head first but couldn't make ears that are sized the same. I had to make 4 ears before getting it right! Toink.

I took a key chain off a Christmas corporate giveaway that I got last year and put it on the rabbit head, which has since been attached to Malik's bag.

I'm now working on a legitimate amigurumi project. My crochet supplies arrived in the mail on my birthday and I was also able to buy plastic needles and safety eyes then (happy birthday to me). I could tell you what I'm making but I may end up messing it up, so saka na lang. Here's a picture of me working on it. Even Izik is excited for me! Let's do this.

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