Thursday, October 24, 2013


I chanced upon the revamped QC Circle during Malik's school event. I told myself then that we should go back with Izik one of these days. Last Sunday was one of those days.

I never thought I'd say this, but the QC Circle is actually not too shabby. The crowd is admittedly not as upscale as say, Bonifacio High Street, but it's still a decent and safe place to be in. There's plenty of room to run around at the center. Just look at Malik go in these pictures. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

People are surprisingly disciplined when it comes to litter even though it's a free public space.

There are trees all over so the air is as fresh as air could be in the center of a city.

I didn't get to explore as much because Izik fell asleep in my arms, but I enjoyed [all sorts of] people-watching. We brought chips and dip, and bought dirty ice cream.

Izik even got to take home his very own minion for P40.

All in all, the QC Circle is not a bad place to spend your precious weekend afternoons, in my opinion.

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